Experience adventure, nature, culture, and flavor

With one of the most privileged sceneries of the Northeast of Brazil, rich popular culture, traditional cuisine passed on through generations and welcoming people, Maceió is an ideal destination for those who seek nature, adventure, culture, and distinct flavors, all in one place. The city invites its guests to try


Those who love posting and sharing travel pictures and beautiful sceneries have even more reason to visit Maceió. That’s because the city has lots of creative spots which guarantee amazing records.




Maceió is a city in which hospitality starts in the kitchen, whether it be in the pans filled with sururu (a delicacy recognized as Intangible Heritage of Alagoas), or in the fancy restaurants with national awards that serve flavors of the sea, the lagoon, and the backcountry of Alagoas.


The main historical district of Maceió is Jaraguá. The area holds all the memories of the emergence of the city, told through the streets, plazas, and architecture of the buildings. Widely known as an open-air museum, the district of Jaraguá offers a delightful dive into the history of the region. It takes only a simple walk along the streets of paving stones to find oneself amazed by the architecture of the old storehouses of cotton and sugar, most of which were remodeled into cultural and merchant spaces.